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Enterprise Modeling


Business process reengineering is the analysis and design of the workflows and processes within an organization. The reengineering process is the fundamental re-thinking and redesign of how an organization produces outputs and optimizes use of its resources. IDI Consulting takes the following major steps in determining the enterprise model; we begin with a review of the business strategic plans and goals, as well as a review (and/or development) of operational model and key metrics. Once the review phase is complete, we identify and document the “As Is” processes, which are then reviewed and analyzed to identify opportunities of improvement and develop project measurements of improved business performance.

Once opportunities are identified, IDI Consulting will design “TO-BE” processes and verify measures of expected business performance improvements; along with developing a communication plan. The communication plan is then implemented, utilizing the proper channels to assure functional concurrence and organizational “buy-in”.

Process re-engineering identifies, analyzes and re-designs an organization’s core processes with the aim of achieving dramatic improvements in critical business performance measures.

The Reengineering Process

Expected Business Performance Improvements Can Address

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Cash flow improvement
  • Quality improvement
  • Resource utilization
  • Improved thru-put
  • Output maximization
  • Increased efficiency
  • Waste minimization
  • Better risk management
  • Supply chain optimization.
  • Resource training effectiveness
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Regulatory and legal compliance


  • Defined and maintainable documentation regarding “AS IS“ processes
  • Defined and maintainable documentation, benefits and communication “road-show” for “TO-BE” process to promote proposed change
  • Identification of the project effort and business case to implement the “TO-BE” processes and information system
  • improvements needed achieve associated business performance improvements
  • Documentation basis for implementing ERP System framework (SAP, ORACLE, ETC.) to enable new processes
  • Documentation basis for training resources which will implement “TO-BE” process.
  • Provides input for procedures, security mapping and training programs including Visio or solution manager
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