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IDI consultants work with information systems management (ISM) staff within business functions in the development and implementation of analytics frameworks and environments which best satisfy the requirements of an organization, with a cost-effective use of information.

In the completion of this process, IDI Consulting’s experienced professionals recognize that an analytics-based environment is not immediately built, but evolves over time and requires a multi-tier data architecture. Successful design must be defined as process-driven outputs (deliverables), component based and adaptable to the specific needs of individual clients.

Data Architecture


  • Management of the project is enhanced through the planning of activities and steps, as well as assigning and holding individuals accountable for producing deliverables
  • Problems and risks in development will be managed by breaking down the steps of building an analytics-based environment into a collection of smaller, more manageable steps
  • Financial risks are reduced by associating finances of the project to activities and steps, resulting in the definition and documentation of savings and benefits
  • Managing complexity is handled through the development of frameworks and blueprints that allow personnel to focus on specific components of the system, while assuring integration into the analytics-based environment
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