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Service Portfolio Management


Identification, assessment and implementation of ongoing processes, procedures and applications required to effectively manage and maintain the Information Systems service offerings that support the organizations business processes. The IS Portfolio of services typically includes Business process engineering and modeling, applications development and maintenance, in addition to Infrastructure design, implementation and operations support.

Effective management of these services includes the development and implementation of Governance policies and procedures in the following areas: delivered business process functionality, services performance, fiduciary compliance, disaster recovery, as well as cost of providing services.

The objective of this service offering is to work with our clients to establish and maintain the administrative procedures, processes and information required to administer cost effective services that meet the user community’s everyday requirements.

Cost Effective Services


  • Development of detailed understanding of user satisfaction and /or issues associated with current service offerings
  • Review of current service offerings against industry “Best Practices”
  • Identification of any compliance issues
  • Confirmation of ability to conduct successful disaster recovery exercise
  • Identification of potential cost reduction through integration or elimination of redundant application
  • Established and maintainable database containing information required to administer and manage service offerings
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