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Sourcing Analysis and Planning


Analysis and implementation of service models and supporting processes that will enable our clients to establish and maintain an IS applications support environment and supporting infrastructure that cost effectively supports their customers, suppliers, partners and employees in accomplishing their defined business processes and related work activities.

The sourcing analysis process includes Business Goals and Strategies, Information Systems Goals and Strategies, in addition to Application and infrastructure strategic directions and support strategies (Roadmap).

IDI Consulting Sourcing Analysis also considers Security and fiduciary requirements, IS Governance, Scope of services to be considered in analysis, as well as Service alternatives (In-house, outsourced or a combination of both).

Goals and Strategies


  • Preparation of comprehensive RFP will provide description of:
    • Current IS goals and strategies
    • Applications and infrastructure roadmaps
    • Security and fiduciary requirements
    • Current operating costs
    • Service issues
    • Definition of best practices and required service levels
  • Identification of potential benefits of outsourcing part or all of the services identified in the scope of the RFP
  • An understanding of actions required to improve and maintain services
  • Improved business operations
  • IS staff will be able to concentrate on critical “In House” service activities
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