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Requirements Engineering


The establishment of procedures that facilitate the identification and documentation of business requirements for the development and implementation of new IS applications or services or major changes to existing applications and services to satisfy business requirements. (This service offering assumes that Governance processes are in place/and/or the client is willing to use IDI requirements processes)

Prioritize Objectives


  • Directly engaging with functional management in aligning IS investments with Business goals and objectives
  • Providing information to facilitate prioritization of project objectives
  • Ability to establish investment priority based on business relevance
  • Understanding security requirements, vulnerabilities and threats
  • Identification
  • Ensuring that risk management is fully imbedded in management processes
  • Communicating and training users and business management support staff
  • Establishment of test methodology that ensures sufficient acceptance [testing prior to go live
  • Establishing training curricula and education of functional and IS personnel in their responsibility for compliance
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