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Policies and Procedures

Guidelines. Offerings.

The development of a Governance framework, guidelines and procedures that will facilitate the development of required policies and supporting procedures to effectively manage the Information Systems Service offerings. The goals of this initiative would be to facilitate the development and implementation of business processes and supporting procedures that enable our clients to meet cost and fiduciary requirements, as well as facilitating the development and implementation of work processes that promote and facilitate a productive and cost effective work environment. Through the development and implementation of these initiatives, IDI Consulting seeks to leverage and integrate cross functional capabilities and resources to achieve cost effective solutions for your business.


  • Establishes the relationship of the policies and procedures to established business functions, major supporting processes and the process owners
  • Provides guidelines to guide both present and future decision making to be in line with the philosophy, objectives and strategic plans established by the client management team.  
  • Description of the consequences of failing to comply with the policies and procedures
  • Identifies and prioritizes the areas where policies and procedures are required
  • Establishes relationship of procedures to policy guidelines
  • Establishes the relationship of the policies and procedures to internationally known and recognized COBIT Guidelines
  • Establishes Industry best practices for the accomplishment of the procedures being developed
  • Development of terms that can be used as a reference in the development and implementation of a procedure
  • A clear definition of provider and user responsibility


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